Online dating atheists

30-Jul-2017 17:31

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It is tempting to claim that there is nothing wrong with such sites because of the unique status of atheists as compared to Christians.As hated as we are, wouldn't it make sense to offer secular dating sites? Unfortunately, I think that all the same criticisms we could apply to "Christian only" sites apply here too.I have a sneaking suspicion that this is not the case.

Previous winners include “Family Guy” creator and comedian Seth Mc Farlane, evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker, biologist E. Cambridge, MA - The Harvard Humanist Community recognizes the online dating Web site OKCupid, represented by founder Maxwell Krohn, at an event at the Harvard University Science Center.

“The site is an attempt to apply the scientific method to matching people up,” he said from the company’s Manhattan office before traveling to Boston to pick up the award on Nov. “We are not secret about our algorithm — all the details are on display on the site.

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However, such techniques are usually not robust against malicious attacks and do not provide any mechanism to selectively watermark a particular attribute by taking into account its role in knowledge discovery.… continue reading »

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